Our #TMat10 #TenAcottaMoon Story

TM at 10

This brand was created in February 2010. We are deep and passionately creative and love the adrenalin of building businesses and brands. The brand name Terracotta Moon was created through what the environment gave us. We moved swiftly, got our legalities going – a brand ID was designed, domain name sought, www.terracottamoon.com and voila Terracotta Moon started trading.

In 2013 we dissolved Terracotta Moon Limited, created a new company Decolletage Limited and registered Terracotta Moon as a Trademark business name. Through this company we have launched new business brands – Shoppe n’ Drop, The Mastery Talks and Studio Siazi to primarily offer focused and specialized services . Each of these offshoot brands are designed to represent specialized products and services for our esteemed clients through excellence and professionalism.

This brand has made us meet wonderful people whom we have served diligently. We we are grateful. Our doors remain open – now, that is success. We’ve upscaled our service delivery and professionalism. We think hard, we love to create, we understand market trends, we are diverse - that makes us special.

We are proud despite business and life challenges; we’ve made it work. It has not been easy but here we are, 10 years old!

We don’t give up. To all our clients, to our team, current and past, thank you, we’ve achieved together.