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We receive result combining marketing, a creative and industry experience.

We are..

Terracotta is the color of earth; Moon is light in darkness. The company was set up 10 years ago. However our Team of professionals has over 20 years work experience from the private sector, informal sector, international organizations and government –we care, listen and deliver quality on time.

Terracotta Moon a registered Trademark of Décolletage Limited. We offer specialized services in Digital Marketing, Communications, Creative and Web Design, Photography and Videography and Events Management.

Our mission.

Profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, creativity, quality and commitment.

Our vision.

To be a world class professional Integrated Digital Marketing Communications, Event Management, Photography and Videography, Creative Design Agency.

Our Core Values


By giving attention to every detail, we create a products and services only the best way. We create good things –because it’s just the right thing to do.


Like a trusted friend, we’re ready to go the extra mile. Here for you, striving to put your best interests first—regardless of project size or budget—so that we can become your trusted partner.


We think and create together, we combine our strengths to give you superior, versatile solutions. We intentionally maintain a collaborative environment; each team member’s voice is heard, valued, respected so that their ideas benefit you.


o us, creativity is problem solving, and we believe in solving the impossible. We never settle for the first, easiest, or quickest. We analyze, research, and create custom solutions that solves your challenge and helps you stand out.


We endeavor to deliver what we promise, to meet every deadline, and to communicate proactively. We treat your business like our own, we strive to deliver services upon which you can completely rely.


We believe that by demonstrating a sense of humor, flexibility and an enjoyable workplace environment, we create an enduring atmosphere for exceptional ideas & creativity, outstanding client service, and thriving team members.


We keep our promises. We also seek to maintain a spirit of transparent honesty. Our obligation is to tell you when we believe an idea is not in your best interests.

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